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Today the Grenada Co-operative Nutmeg Association (GCNA) recognizes the need to put increased resources into the development of Grenada’s Nutmeg Industry in order to benefit, not only the farmers, but the entire nation.

Minister of Agriculture, The Hon. Roland Bhola, notes “the dominance of nutmegs in the agricultural sector in Grenada has been manifested by the fact that it has contributed, on average, over 40 % of Total Domestic Export (TDE) as a single industry and has employed the most workers on the island.”
Nutmeg production has always been a huge contributor to the country’s overall agricultural sector, and as such, the GCNA must undertake the necessary efforts to restore the industry to its pre-Ivan capacity.

The GCNA is adopting an aggressive PR and marketing strategy with the objective to stimulate interest among the younger population to become involved in the nutmeg industry and increase nutmeg production.

As the first step to rebranding, the GCNA held a local competition to develop a new logo that would represent both the organization and create the brand “Grenada Nutmeg”, to foster pride within the people of Grenada and create and identity for Grenada’s nutmegs on the international market.
The competition was held for 6 weeks and the organization has selected the logo created by Mr. Jadeo Cato as the contest winner. GCNA is proud to move forward and brand the organization and Grenada’s nutmeg with his creativity.
In addition, the GCNA has officially launched its “Grenada Nutmeg” website as a means of becoming more accessible. The website contains information regarding the organization, what it does and the products that it offers; it also serves as an online selling tool since it allows buyers to purchase nutmegs through the site.

The Grenada Co-operative Nutmeg Association has also launched its own spice and souvenir shop named “All Things Nutmeg”. The organization is aware that many persons who are skilled in crafts-making are not able to open their own retail outlets to display their creations; one of the objectives of the All Things Nutmeg shop is to create an avenue for these persons to gain an income. There are hopes that this new development will stimulate small business ventures in the form of nutmeg value-added products.
The GCNA intends to move forward by engaging different economic sectors and creating an integrated approach that revolves around investment and support to further develop the industry.

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