Message from G.C.N.A.

The Grenada Co-operative Nutmeg Association (G.C.N.A.) is pleased to welcome the presentation of the Nutmeg Sector Strategy for Grenada. Since April 2008, Government, through the Ministry of Agriculture, G.C.N.A. and the International Trade Centre (I.T.C.) engaged in an undertaking to produce a comprehensive sector Strategy for the revitalization of nutmeg and mace following the destruction to the Industry in 2004 and 2005.

The Strategy is now ready and all are pleased and expectant. The revitalization of Grenada’s Nutmeg Industry is vital to the well-being of all of Grenada and given the additional problems wrought on the Industry by the root rot/nutmeg Wilt Disease, the presentation of the Strategy could not have been more timely.

We expect a revitalized, buoyant Nutmeg Industry to deliver among others:

– Improved benefits to our nutmeg farmers;
– Improved farming practices including methods of harvesting the fruit (food) and preparing it for marketing;
– Improved marketing arrangements and improved value added products for niche markets;
– Improved value added applications and the application of Science and Technology and Information Technology to the overall operation and production of the G.C.N.A. and its Value Chain.

The G.C.N.A. is very pleased to be engaged with the I.T.C. and Government in the creation of the Nutmeg Sector Strategy for Grenada. We look forward to its wholehearted adoption, support, implementation and production – all in the name of our nutmeg farmers and Grenada.

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