Vision for the Grenada NUTMEG

“A world leading Industry by 2015 recognized for its top quality Nutmeg and value added products contributing to the sustainable livelihood of the People of Grenada.”


As part of the E.U. funded All ACP Agriculture Commodities Programme, the Ministry of Agriculture, Grenada Cooperative Nutmeg Association (G.C.N.A.) and the other sector stakeholders, in collaboration with the International Trade Centre (I.T.C.) in Geneva,Switzerland, have undertaken the development of a Comprehensive Strategy for the Nutmeg Sector.

The A.C.P. programme held a Caribbean Region Kick-off Workshop in Montego Bay, Jamaica in April 2008, which was attended by public and private sector delegations from A.C.P.
Caribbean countries including representatives from G.C.N.A., the Grenada Marketing and National Importing Board (M.N.I.B.), Private Sector and the Grenada Ministry of Agriculture.

The Grenadian delegation called for the Programme to support a participatory stakeholder approach to the design of a comprehensive Strategy for the development of the Nutmeg Industry using ITC’s methodology and assistance in implementing product and market development activities.

As a result of the Sector Strategy, A.C.P. Programme implementing partners have contributed to the design of the Strategy and have also committed to provide support in its implementation.
These partners include the Food & Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations (F.A.O.), the United Nations Conference of Trade & Development (U.N.C.T.A.D.), and the World Bank (W.B.).

The official Programme’s counterpart in Grenada is the Ministry of Agriculture and the
Comprehensive Sector Strategy for Nutmeg and Mace was developed along the lines of existing initiatives such as the National Export Strategy, the Commonwealth Secretariat Action Plan for the sector and G.C.N.A.’s Strategic Development Plan.

The Nutmeg Sector Strategy for Grenada was done using a market-led participatory
stakeholder approach focusing on domestic, regional and international market opportunities.

The emphasis is on revitalizing the Nutmeg Sector through the Value-Chain Approach thus targeting farmers, private sector enterprises, processors, buyers, policymakers and support institutions.

The purpose of this Document is to guide and support the development of the Nutmeg Industry by providing a framework and a plan and by articulating Value Chain actors, private sector, existing resources, development activities and donor support.

This Document is intended to be the blue print for the development and improved
competitiveness of the Nutmeg and Mace Sector in Grenada and it has been presented to Cabinet on July 2010.

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