Grenada Cooperative Nutmeg Association

GCNA (Grenada Cooperative Nutmeg Association) is recognized as the supplier of high quality nutmegs, renowned for their exceptionally good flavor. GCNA is the sole producers of quality No. 1 mace and we are well recognized by the industry that the characteristics and qualities of Grenada’s nutmegs are not found in the nutmegs grown in any other geographical location.

Special Characteristics of Grenada Nutmeg

  • Low risk of pesticide residue content
  • Extremely low in Aflatoxin – a toxic compound that is produced by certain moulds on food.

  • Low in Safrole – a carcinogenic compound.

  • No risk of adulteration – Grenada has no wild nutmegs

  • Centralized processing which guarantees superior quality and consistency.

  • Excellent traceability – ability to trace food through its production and distribution channel to protect public health.

  • Unique process for drying nutmeg seeds – superior to outdoor drying.

  • Experienced in handling and processing since 1947

  • Grenada is only producer of the world’s #1 Mace.


Products made from Nutmeg

Nutmeg seed is usually used in 2 different types of spices: nutmeg and mace.

Its purple-brown seed encoated inside a yellow fleshy fruit is taken to produce hundreds different products we are using nowadays.

Firstly, it has various health benefits and has been used as an effectively natural remedy to treat numerous diseases or help patients reduce their pains.

Secondly, nutmeg is widely used in cuisines all over the world as a sweet spice to make food more aromatic and delightful. In addition, we can also produce beauty products, soaps or even charcoal from nutmeg. This is such an amazing seed, right!

So as you can see, from nutmeg, we can make numerous different types of products. Now let’s talk more detailed about these products.

1. Nutmeg Essential Oil – Herbal Medicines

Nutmeg oil is widely used in pharmaceutical industry with a sufficient amount to produce numerous herbal medicines beneficial in the treatment of different diseases.

2. Nutmeg Beauty Products

Nowadays, people tend to choose natural ingredients such as nutmeg butter or shea butter contained in beauty products over chemical ones because it is believed that natural components could show better results. A lot of beauty products are made from nutmeg show good consumption in the beauty market such as skincare products, lotion, cosmetic creams, foundation or nutmeg butter.

Nutmeg butter could help in smoothing and moisturizing the skin.

Or you can use nutmeg powder to make a home-made face mask. It has a whitening effect on the skin and it can benefits in clearing up acne and any red spots on your face, as well. 

3. Nutmeg Perfume

Nutmeg has a strong intense smell that could not be mistaken with any other nuts’ smells. So it is considered as an amazingly fragrant ingredient in perfumery industry to create a luscious confection from its extracts.

4. Barbeque Charcoal

This might sound weird but people do produce barbeque charcoal from nutmeg shell due to its characteristic of being rapidly and uniformly burned. You can find this nutmeg charcoal at some North American barbecue markets but it is not really a popular option to take when you are planning for a barbecue party though.

5. Nutmeg Incense Sticks

This commonly happens in some Asian regions. Locals use nutmeg and cinnamon to produce incense sticks as a traditional method.

6. Nutmeg Syrup and Nutmeg Essential Oil in Cough Syrups

The production of nutmeg syrup, mayonnaise and sauces is not common in Grenada because it is still difficult to reach the global safety standard in adding an exactly sufficient amount of nutmeg into the products.

But don’t worry, the benefits of this seed are undeniable. So people still make nutmeg syrup from the pericarp of mountain grown Grenada nutmeg with a distinctively delightful flavor. This distinctively delightful syrup is amazing, it is used as a natural ingredient to add into culinary dishes to make them more delicious and fragrant. You can use it with ice cream, pancakes or salads depending on your own preference.

In addition, pharmacologists have figured out the way to add nutmeg essential oil into some cough syrups, especially ones for children. These kinds of syrups could help to relieve the pains during inflammatory stages and improve the symptoms of a cold fast and effectively.

7. Nutmeg Soap

Nutmeg soap might not be a strange thing for all of us. Nowadays, you can find a lot of 100% natural nutmeg soaps containing nutmeg essential oil in the market. As we all know, its benefits are various from soothing tired muscles, improving health conditions and leaving the skin protected and radiant.

Grenada Cooperative Nutmeg Association
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